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    How to get/lure Peaches the mountain lion (Fangs for Hire)

    Far Cry 5 Guide

    Peaches are the lovable cat (mountain lion) is the next easiest fang for hire to find in Far Cry 5. She is the middle between Boomer and Cheeseburger as she is a high stealth animal with a little bit more health than Boomer. If you do play mainly stealth, Peaches is probably the wild cat for you.

    Peaches is a tamed mountain lion (how she was tamed is forever a mystery) and have escaped her cage, to have her join your roster of companions/specialists you’ll need to locate the quest which once completed will add her to your team. From there you can summon Peaches to help with your silent takedowns as a master of stealth.

    What are Peaches’ skills

    • Master at stealth – she can take down an unsuspecting enemy without alerting the others.
    • Hides in plain sight – she is much harder to detect than others.
    • Scares of wildlife – don’t get taken by surprise as she is able to keep those pesky wolves at bay.

    What can’t Peaches’ do?

    • Like Boomer she has lower health but more than Boomer which makes go down a little slower in combat but still not made to be a front-runner.

    How can I get Peaches’ in a car or aeroplane?

    • As an animal much like Boomer she is unable to ride in vehicles.

    Being an animal, however, means she does a great job at being able to keep up be it plane, car or quad bike.

    How to get Peaches the mountain lion in Far Cry 5

    Being great for stealth players, if you are going down that route for your playthrough you’ll want to get her as soon as possible. She is able to tear through enemies without alerting the others and triggering alarms and when stealth turns to combat, she’ll survive a decent while before needing a hand. Just don’t leave her on her own as she’ll need support from you to draw some of the bullets away.

    Unlocking Peaches is pretty easy but requires a little bit more work than Boomer does as the quest is slightly different than just kill all the enemies. After freeing Dutch’s island and you have access to the wider map you need to look out for Peaches Taxidermy.

    Peaches Taxidermy is located in the North West region in the zone controlled by Faith, you should be able to see a picture of Peaches and the taxidermy location on the map which you can add a waypoint to.

    Once near the area, you’ll be able to speak to Miss Mable and this will trigger the question Here Kitty, Kitty where Miss Mable will explain that Peaches has escaped from her enclosure because of seeking revenge on some nearby cultists. Your task is to find her, kill the cultists and lure her back into her cage before you set off, you’ll need to pick up Peaches’ favourite treats to help lure her home.

    How to lure Peaches back into her cage

    Once you have taken out the cultists, you need to lure Peaches back home, select the treats using your weapon wheel and throw them down using the same button to lob grenades etc. Keep each treat a couple feet away from each other and she will follow each treat, eating it and moving onto the next.

    As you walk up the path on the way back to the taxidermy shop, some wolves and cultists will be in your way but with the help of Peaches, it should be a fairly short encounter. Upon returning to Miss Mable’s place enemies will also be there and you’ll need to defeat them before luring Peaches again into her cage which is to the right of the house at the back.

    After you have completed this, head back to Miss Mable and talk to her where she’ll suggest you are probably better at looking after her and can adopt her as your own. That will end the quest and you’ll have your new Fang for Hire to summon from the specialist roster in the menu.

    Now venture forth (silently) and put Peaches to good use.

    Note: During our playthrough, we had Peaches bug out and run in circles around a tree. If you get anthing like this just reload your most recent save or auto save and it should fix the problem but you might go back a stage depending how far you got in the mission.