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    In Far Cry 5 there a number of unique characters you can recruit to help along your journey throughout Hope’s County. These are commonly known as Guns for Hire if they are a human that is recruitable or Fangs for Hire if you wish to play alongside an animal companion. Overall, there are 3 Fangs for hire to recruit; Peaches, Cheeseburger and Boomer and six guns for hire.

    Fangs for Hire


    Boomer is probably the easiest Fang for Hire to find in John’s territory and a trusted companion which takes on the role of scout and the closest¬†companion to a wolf, even though he is a dog.

    Find out how to find Boomer the dog and how to hire him for your squad.


    Peaches the cougar is the big cat companion and can be used as the role of silent killer, she is your closest thing to getting a pet cat within Far Cry 5.

    Find out where the find Peaches and how you can recruit her.


    Cheeseburger the brown bear is the tank of your team and is able to take the heat off you. Not so much a teddy bear but the closest thing you’ll get to a¬†moving fury tank.

    Find out where the find Cheeseburger and how you can recruit him.

    Guns for Hire

    Nick Rye

    Hurk Drubman Jr.

    Sharky Boshaw

    Grace Armstrong

    Jess Black

    Adelaide Drubman