Fallout 76

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Thirst Things First

Fallout 76 Guide

Thirst Things First is a quest in Fallout 76 that in in the Flatwoods region and in this guide you’ll find how to complete the different objectives and any helpful tips along the way.

Quest Rewards

  • Plan: Chemistry Workbench
  • Plan: Sturdy Leather Arms
  • Boiled Water x6
  • 10mm Round x37
  • Stimpak: Diluted x3

Thirst Things First Walkthrough

You are thrown into the quest automatically once you have completed First Contact. The first objective you are given is to find and locate Kesha McDermott who you can find nearby along the river but don’t worry the quest marker will help take you to her location.

When you get you should see some bones which are the remains of Kesha and collect the Water Testing Kit and Survivor Story: Kesha McDermott.

Once you have the kit you need to collect a sample from the river which will give you some Dirty Water and then follow your quest marker to the Flatwood’s Water Pumps. You then need to collect another water sample and then need to return back to Kesha’s Lab to analyse both samples so you can again follow the quest marker to her terminal.

When you have analysed the sample it will tell you that the dirty water will need to be boiled, so head outside to the nearby Cooking Stations and use it to create Boiled Water from the Dirty Water. If you do not have the required wood, there will be some logs on the floor nearby which you can collect to use.

After you’ve got the Boiled Water you can head back to the Self-Service Kiosk and you can select [Check Volunteer Status] which should clear the quest and start the next on Second Helpings.