Fallout 76

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Second Helpings

Fallout 76 Guide

Second Helpings is a quest you can take in Fallout 76 in the Flatwoods region and this guide will walkthrough the steps you need to take on how to complete it plus let you know of any tips that might help your journey.

Quest Rewards

  • Wood Scraps x14
  • Plan: Tinker’s Workbench x1
  • Plan: Hunting Rifle x1
  • 10mm Round x39
  • RadAway: Diluted x1

You’ll automatically accept Second Helpings as a quest after you complete Thuirst Things First. You’ll have to then go find Delbert Winters who is located on your map with the quest marker.

Once you get to his home you should head inside and you should see his dead body on the floor as a pile of bones. Loot his body and check the nearby computer terminal to get the next objective for the quest by selecting [Volunteer Training], this should then task you with cooking up some Brahmin to make Ribeye Steak.

Head out his house and venture around town to find some Brahmin, if you struggle to try checking near the group of cooking stations near the Command Post, they are usually around the back of houses. Kill and loot the Brahmin meat from them and head to the Command Post and cook it using the Cooking Stations to get your Ribeye Steak. Again if you need some wood for cooking, then check near the stations as there is usually a woodpile nearby you can loot.

With the steak in your inventory head back to the Self-Serve Kiosk and select the [Complete Training] option on the terminal.

Once completed you can then head to the Command Post across the road and find the Responders Database terminal inside and access it. Select [Volunteer], then [EMERGENCY: Contact Responder’s HQ] and this will start the next quest, Final Departure.