Fallout 76

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Treasure Maps

Fallout 76 Guide

Treasure maps are a completely new thing to Fallout and can be found while out in the world of Fallout 76.

An example treasure map from Fallout 76

It’s possible to find these stashes of items while exploring Appalachia though players will be able to improve their odds by locating them in the more dangerous areas that would be considered more an MMO “dungeon”.

When a Treasure Map has been located you will be given a few subtle clues like a drawing of the area and the local landmarks – combine these together with icons on the map to find the treasure’s location.

The quickest way to narrow down the location is the name of the map itself as it will focus on one of the six regions:

  • The Forest
  • The Savage Divide
  • The Ash Heap
  • Toxic Valley
  • The Mire
  • Cranberry Bog

Forest Treasure Map #08

You’ll find this treasure map early on in the game, it depicts a big oak tree on the right which sits just under a railway bridge.

Minimal Location

If you want to still give the map a go yourself but need a hint on the location, the bridge is red and you should see something like this. The treasure is then located in the orange circle that has been highlighted.

Precise Location

The precise location is detailed on the maps below but basically, it is south-east of Vault 76 where the river crosses the railroad just past the highway 64 icon on the map.

Just head over the bridge and then you should see the tree above.

Once you are at the location on the map, you’ll need to look for a mound on the south side of the water, when you are close you will then get a promot to dig it up.

You should then get a couple special items, like blueprints, rarer ammo like fusion cells and some high-end junk.

Treasure Map Location Table

Here’s a table with the locations of how to find the treasure maps in Fallout 76, along with the location of the treasure if you need an additional clue from the photo.

Map NameMap locationTreasure location
Forest #01Forest Map #01 is located South of Point Pleasent under the metal bridge with the broken down cars.
Forest #02Forest Map #02 is located South West of Camp Adams towards the Nuka Cola Plant. On the way towards the Plant, you’ll come across a tent with a Campsite and the mound is right next to the roasting pit.
Forest #03Forest Map#03 is located just North West of the Relay Tower HG-B7-09 and look in the park underneath the monkey bars. If you see a tyre swing on a nearby tree then you are pretty close.
Forest #04Forest Map #04 is at Anchor Farm that is in the centre of The Forest, North of Vault 76. Once at the farm, you’ll easily spot the big yellow plane as in the map and can find the mound of dirt on the left side (if looking at the back of the plane) near the wing.
Forest #05Forest Map #05 is located in a Train carriage that is at the Charleston Train Yard. You’ll spot the mound by a broken carriage with barrels and pallets out the front of it. If you can’t find it, look for the water testing unit in the river as it is near there.
Forest #06Forst Map #06 is just North of the Overseer’s Camp where you head after you leave Vault 76. It’s down by the curve bridge along the river.
Forest #07Forest Map #07 is at Widow’s Perch in The Ash Heap which if you head behind the billboard you’ll see a mound of dirt on the righthand side. You can head there directly south from the Charleston Capitol Building.
Forest #08Gauley Mine – At the end of the mine there is an open cavern with a big pool. Head to the back of the room you’ll see a secret exit and nearby is a trunk which contains the map.Exit the mine through the secret exit to see a bridge to the north. Walk to the other end and you’ll be near the treasure. Cross the ravine and you’ll see a mound nearby to dig up.
Forest #09In the tower guarded by an Elite Super Mutant at Horizon’s Rest, there is a trunk that contains the map.Leave the town of Summersville from the south and take the east road, go past the bus and stand by the sign nearby and face the town. The mound of treasure if by the first house you can see with the broken entrance.
Toxic Valley #02A Feral Ghoul Roamer will drop the treasure map in Flatwoods Lookout.Head north-east of the location you found the treasure map and head for Clarksburg. It’s south of the Water Park. Find the water power and align your character with the image from the treasure map.