Fallout 76

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Miner Miracles

Fallout 76 Guide

Miner Miracles is a side quest in Fallout 76 with a recommended player level of 25+. Here’s a guide on how to complete the quest.

Quick Walkthrough

  • Activate one of the Garrahan excavator posters which are found in different places around Appalachia.
    • You can them in the following: Camden Park, Charleston, Charleston Fire Department, Garrahan Estate, Lewisburg, Mount Blair trainyard, Ohio River Adventures, Red Rock stations, next to the Stash Box, The Rusty Pick, Sal’s Grinders, Uncanny Caverns and the Welch
  • Use the terminal inside the Garrahan Mining Headquarters and access the memo “Memo: Excavator Queries”
  • Use the project managers terminal in R&D to access the entry “Exactor Blueprints”
  • Use a power armour station to craft the exactor power armour parts (level 25+ needed)
  • Equip the power armour and use the computer terminal at the Garrahan mining headquarters to register it.

Detailed Walkthrough

You can start the quest at any time by finding one of the Garrahan excavator posters which are located at various places around Appalachia. You will find the closest to the mission in the Garrahan Mining Headquarters car park and activate it to trigger the quest.

Travel to the Garrahan Mining Headquarters and enter the building to access the receptionists terminal and read the entry labelled “Memo: Exactor Queries” which will then trigger the main questline. Head downstairs to the Research and Development (R&D) room to use the project manager’s terminal. Enemies can randomly spawn inside the building so be careful as you enter, known enemies are Super Mutants, Ghouls, Scorched and Mole Miners.

When you get to the R&D room, head to the terminal and access the record titled “Exactor Blueprints” which will download plans for Exactor power armour parts. Then use a power armour station to craft the parts you need to put onto a power armour chassis. You’ll need to be at least level 25 to do this.

You’ll need to have a spare power armour chassis ready as well as the right resourced needed to make it, they are:

  • 36┬áblack titanium
  • 30 gears, 12 glass
  • 6 nuclear material
  • 36 oil
  • 26 rubber
  • 60 screws
  • 20 springs
  • 102 steel

Once the armour has been crafted onto the chassis, quip it and use the nearby terminal to have the armour scanned and registered which completes the quest.

Quest Notes

  • You need to be at least level 25 to be able to complete the quest because of the power armour level requirement.
  • After the quest and reading Harold Frost’s terminal, you can craft the excavator power armour at any power armour station not just in the Mining HQ.
  • You can complete the quest by being given a full suit of armour from another play. If this happens, you need to make sure you get the plans by accessing the R&D terminal and selecting the “Excavator Module Blueprints” otherwise it will be impossible to get the plans later on to craft your own.