Fallout 76

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Side Quests

Fallout 76 Guide

You’ll have a range of Side Quests that you can take part of as you explore the world of Fallout 76. As there are no other human NPCs because all humans are real players side missions are gained from a variety of different sources. These include the following:

  • Robot NPCs like a Mr. Handy
  • Holotapes
  • Notes and Journals
  • Radio Signals
  • Entering new regions, locations, or areas

Some quests can be part of a larger selection of quests.

How many side quests are in Fallout 76?

When the game launches it has been confirmed that Bethesda will give players over 150 hours of side quests to complete.

It does not end there, as Bethesda will look to continue to add content to the game as the live service continues to run.

Fallout 76 Side Quests

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