Fallout 76

  • PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One


Fallout 76 Guide

In Fallout 76, players are able to contract diseases but also they can pick up mutations which is something new to the Fallout franchise which can happen when exposed to radiation. When exposure to radiation happens from any source be it water, ghouls and more there is a chance that the player can mutate and can gain perks which have both positive and negative traits. This is very similar to radiation sickness from the previous Fallout games which could grant the player some strange effect but even further.

Unlike the other temporary stats changes from Bobbleheads, Magazines and Diseases, Mutations will not go away after a certain amount of time and can only be treated with the use of certain items like using RadAway which has a chance of removing a mutation when used.

One thing players will need to consider though when removing mutations or trying to is will it be worth it as mutations might not always be a bad thing. If you want to keep a certain mutation you can also keep them from being removed by obtaining the perk Starched Genes which stops any new mutations but allows you to keep the ones you have without fear of losing them when using items like RadAway.

Here are some of the way you can contract mutations through the following:

  • Interacting with petrified corpses (the ones you can make turn into dust)
  • Standing close to irradiated waste like fissures in the ground or missile hotspots.
  • Standing in irradiated water or swimming through it.
  • Being attacked by monsters that are soaked in radiation like Ghouls and other enemies.
  • Consuming food and drink which has not be purified.
  • Breathing in toxic gases without a gas mask on.

Here’s a list of the current known mutations.

Mutation Name
Mutation Effects
Bird Bones+4 INT-4 STR
ChameleonWhile crouched, unarmoured, and standing; gain invisibility.
Eagle Eye+25% Critical Damage
+2 PER
-4 STR
Egg Head+6 INT-3 STR-
Electrically ChargedA chance to shock enemies when melee attacked
Empath-25% Damage Reduction for Teammates+33% Damage Taken for Self
Healing FactorHealth regeneration +300%.Chem effects -55%
HerbivoreVegetables provide x2 benefits and no diseases.Can’t consume meat
CarnivoreMeat provides x2 benefits and no diseasesCan’t consume vegetables
Marsupial+20 Carry Weight
Increased Jump Height
-4 INT
Plague WalkerPoison aura that gets worse the more diseases you have
Grounded100 Enegery Resistance-20% Energy Damage
Scaly Skin+50 damage & energy resistance-25 AP
Speed DemonFaster reload time
+20 movement speed increase
TalonsPunch attacks do 25% more damage
Bleed damage added to attacks.
-4 AGI
Twisted Muscles+25% melee damage
Extra chance to cripple limbs
-50% accuracy with all guns
Herd Mentality+2 to S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes when in a group-2 S.P.E.C.I.A.L when soloing

If you have come across anymore be sure to let us know!