Fallout 76

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Fallout 76 Guide

Fallout 76 will also feature the magazines of the previous games which can be collected but much like the Bobbleheads, they have changed a slightly in what they do for the player.

In the previous Fallout games, when a magazine was collected it provided a permanent increase in a particular attribute but in Fallout 76 once looted they will not be activated straight away and be in your inventory.

When the player is ready they can use the magazine to provide a temporary bonus for an hour and the magazine likely provides the same sort of effect as they did in the other titles.

Magazine bonuses can also be stacked if you can find the same one again, it will refill the timer.

Like Bobbleheads, they are instance level objects so once collected by a single player they will be removed from the world. How they spawn and placed in the world is still unconfirmed.

Perk Magazines

Below is a list of magazine perk effects that in Fallout 76 are a limited timed buff of 1 hour, something which is different from the previous games that have had permanent bonuses for your character.



Related perk

Astoundingly Awesome Tales#1 Attack of the FishmenDamage vs Mirelurks +15%
#12 Giant Insects InvadeDisease Chance -30%
Backwoodsman#2 Down Home Cookin’+25% Tomahawk Dmg.
#4 Hardy as a Sasquatch+50% to Gain Double Yield From Plants
#7 Art of the Tomahawk-50% food/drink disease chance
#10 Nightmare in the Garden+50% Workshop Turret Dmg.
Grognak the Barbarian#4 In the Bosom of the Corsair QueenMelee Crit Dmg +30
#6 Enter Maula: War Maiden of Mars-75% Melee Weapon Weight
Guns and Bullets#3Ballistic Gun Crit Dmg +30%
Live & Love#2 Nuke-the-Man!+5% damage when in a team
#4 The Secretary Charmer+10% AP Regen when in a team
#7+10 Max AP
Scouts’ Life#1 Purifying the WildernessRad ingestion -30
#2 Natural Mosquito Repellants25% Less Dmg. from Insects
#8Sprint AP cost -20%
#10 Maintaining your GearItem condition loss -30%
Tales from the West Virginia Hills#5 Who Goes There? The Strange Encounter in Flatwoods+15% damage vs the Flatwoods Alien
Tesla Science Magazine#5-20% heavy weapon ammo consumption
#6 Geckos and Gamma Radiation+15% Damage vs. the Mothman.
Tumblers Today#1 Bobby Pins – More Effective Than Lockpicks?Locking “Sweet Spot” +20%
#3Pick Locks of 1 Higher Tier
U.S. Covert Operations Manual
Unstoppables#1 De-Capitalists+5% Chance to Avoid Dmg.
#2+20% chance to avoid Damage from Scorched

Magazine Locations

As magazines like Bobbleheads are randomly spawned in the world, the could end up anywhere but it is likely that some logic applies to where they’ll be. It’s worth checking places a magazine would usually be like on tables, worktops and near workbenches or boxes.



Alpine River CabinsOn a round table in the treehouse up the hill on the south side of the area.
Appalachian AntiquesBehind the counter to the left of the cash register
BeckleyIn the women’s bathroom of the gas station, behind a locked (Picklock 0) door.
Big B’s Rest StopNear the food serving area by the stairs in the rest stop building.
Bolton GreensOn the front reception desk, beside the bell.
Camden ParkLocated on rollercoaster in the seat.
Camp AdamsLocated on a bench around the central campfire.
Camp VentureOn a set of shelves near the overseer’s cache in the command centre.
Charleston trainyardIn an open locker in the catwalk areas of the lower areas, near a terminal
Dolly Sods WildernessIn the ground floor bathroom of the residential building.
Dolly Sods WildernessOn a magazine rack in the room with the grand piano in the camp office building.
The Giant TeapotIn a basket in the Red Rocket stop.
Grafton DamNear some pipes in the SouthWest corner
Horizon’s RestOn a TV stand in one of the parts of the crashed plane
Lewis & Sons Farming SupplyIn the red broken open shed, immediately east of the barn. It will be sitting on a cabinet next to three sealed glass jars.
Landview LighthouseOn the picnic table next to a dead settler in the picnic pavilion to the north of the lighthouse.
Marigold PavilionTo the left of the red dirty mattress on the second floor.
Morgantown trainyardOn a wooden box in the tower
MosstownOn a magazine rank in the eastern section, next to a level 3 safe
New Appalachian central trainyardOn a desk in the tower
Philippi Battlefield CemeteryUpstairs on the floor
Pioneer Scout CampNext to the outhouse beside the archery range.
Ranger district officeOn the floor in the room with the fireplace
Relay tower LW-B1-22Inside on the central terminal station
Ripper AlleyIn the small lookout tower
Silva homesteadOn the bottom of a metal shelf between the armour workbench and weapons workbench in the large storage area near the silo
Sons of Dane compoundIn the cellar on a table with a microscope
TreetopsOn the second-to-top level, on a table next to a birdhouse.
Tygart water treatmentOn a table in the northeast corner of the fenced in area, next to a radio.
Tyler County FairgroundsOn the left barrel in a stable area on the east side of the fairgrounds, near the large slide.
Whitespring golf clubOn a bookshelf in the fancy lounge on the bottom floor (next to the locker room).
Wavy Willard’s Water ParkIn the underground maintence section near the workbench a magazine can sometimes be found.
Twin LakesOn a ledge next to a deflated boat
Uncanny CavernsOn a magazine rack in the corner of the gift shop.