Fallout 76

  • PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One


Fallout 76 Guide

Appalachia is Fallout 76’s region which has huge locations spread across it that will provide different and diverse environments and points on interest.

Each of the six locations has been designed to give players a unique experience that is filled with monsters, secrets and items to find with much of the things you’ll be familiar with in other Fallout games.

You should be able to travel across the regions as you take on the Main Missions and Side Quests while also stopping off for the odd Public Event or two.

Appalachia has these 6 major regions:

  • The Forest – where Vault 76 is located on the central west area of the map which is based on farmland, rivers and hills with plenty of trees. It’s a very natural place.
  • The Savage Divide – centre-east of the map this area is more about mountains, snow and very cold.
  • The Ash Heap – more towards the south-west this region is like a forest-fire with barren lands and mines that litter the land.
  • Toxic Valley – north of the map this region is pretty dirty and has the remnants of amusements parks and other things.
  • The Mire – East of the map this area has a power plant, nuclear station and a large lake it’s like the Forest but a much darker place.
  • Cranberry Bog – South-East of the map this land is swampy and home to a military base.

Keep checking back to find out more information on each location.