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How to Get Nuclear Launch Codes

Fallout 76 Guide

One of the announcements Bethesda made at E3 for the announcement of Fallout 76 is that players would have the ability to fire nukes. This is a sure fire way to get some immense power in Appalachia against the other players if you choose or monsters.

You can’t just rock up to some console though and get your hands on nuclear missiles that easily. To launch missiles you have to collect a number of launch codes and find the silos that hold the missiles within them.

Code fragments will only be relevant for a week until they are changed, which stops the player being able to horde codes and stop others from being able to control the nuclear silos.

Finding Nuclear Silo Site Pieces Locations

One entire launch code would be too easy instead you need to put together Code Pieces fro the Silos at site Alpha, Bravo and Charlie.

To obtain these important items you need to kill unique enemies can Scorched Officers who are former members of the military before the bombs dropped that were given parts of the nuclear launch codes.

Much like magazines, bobbleheads Scorched Officers appear in a number of locations, so you can find them anywhere but they do seem to like hanging out around the Forest or near other Point of Interests in the world.

Scorched Officers

To find them a bit easier, Bethesda has made them stand out a little and you can look out for these various traits. They carry large backpack communication devices which has a big antenna that will flash on and off red and emit a pinging sound like a sonar radar.

If you take them down or happen to get lucky and find a dead body on the floor you can loot them and you should get a code fragment which has a letter and number for one of the three hidden silos on the map which will then be marked for you.

Site Alpha Exterior Location

Site Alpha is located in the Savage Divide region and is north of the National Isolated Radio Array and east of Big Fred’s BBQ Shack.

Site Bravo Exterior Location

Site Bravo is located in the Savage Divide Region and is south of the Palace of the Winding Path and west of Monongah power substation MZ-01.

Site Charlie Exterior Location

Site Bravo is located in the Savage Divide Region and is located within the location of R & G Processing Services.

How to gain access to the Silo

Once you have all eight fragments you still won’t be able to walk straight into the Silo to activate the nukes. You need the correct military clearance and there is one place you can go that is able to offer you that level of power.

Fallout’s Enclave is the faction who has access to the Silo’s and you need to start with a trip to a secret bunker in The Mire near an Abandoned Waste Sump which is guarded by Level 20 Deathclaws and solve puzzles to gain access to the Enclave H!, easy right?

Once you have joined the faction you’ll be told they have access to the military commendation system and can enlist you after taking a basic training course at Camp McClintock.

From there you can complete tasks for the Enclave to improve your standing and be awarded the level of General which then has access to the three different Silos.

Tip: You can also pick up a nuclear code keycard from the restricted military wing in the Enclave.

Decrypting Nuke Codes

The fragments that you find when out on your travels are encrypted which makes sense considering they can end the world again. You need to know the order of the different sets of numbers and all those who knew the sequence are long dead.

Luckily the Enclave does have some clues and they have been trying to decrypt the codes in their surveillance room. You can gain some clues above a set of printers for each of the silos and as the week goes by more of the solution is revealed. Of course, you don’t need to wait if you want to take a stab at solving it yourself you can do.

Once you have the keyword you can then use it to figure out the new word that is formed from the 8 letters on the launch keys. If you do get stuck, there are some tools online which you can use to help you come up with what the potential new code can be and see which one is going to be of the most potential.