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How to Find Power Armour in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Guide

Finding your first suit of Power Armour in Fallout 76 is your first biggest goal when you enter the world. In the world filled with other players, you might be worried Power Armour suits are a rare item to grab but here’s how you can get yours.

In Fallout 76 you can find the frames for Power Armour just abandoned in different places around the world. They can be found in places like factories, military bases or even just someone’s shed locked up. Usually, a common sign one if nearby if the Power Armour Station which you use to upgrade and repair them are not usually far away.

Note: Power Armour’s can’t be stolen, it is basically first come, first serve as once you enter it you’ll claim it as your own and someone else won’t be able to take it from you. You can decide to have it in your inventory if you want to leave it alone and not waste your Power Core.

Power Armour is restricted by level, so when you start out in Fallout you might not be able to enter if because of your low level, the way of getting around this restriction is to remove all the pieces from the suit. When the frame and Power Core are the only items left you can enter it freely.

Power Cores

Much like Fallout 4, Power Armour needs a power source to use it at peak performance, Power Cores will usually be found in the suit but will drain over time as you use it. This is key to be able to use V.A.T.S and any ability the suit has.

If you do end up out of juice, the armour won’t be able to move properly and you’ll be unencumbered and will have to crawl to your destination or replace the Power Core.

You can find Power Core’s in the world in generators like in Fallout 4 or you can craft them at benches.

Finding Armour in Appalachia

There are a couple of places which Power Armour Frames can spawn in the world but as players are able to claim them, you might have to wait until another respawns.

Here are the locations we know about where you can find Power Armour in Fallout 76:

Aaronholdt Homestead

This place is a Location in the far Northwest of Appalachia which you can get to by heading from Vault 76 almost directly North and is near the border between The Forest and the Toxic Valley.

Aaronholdt Homestead is comprised of a few farmhouses, garages, and a large field on the east side with a silo and shed. If you head towards the shed by the road you should be able to see a Power Armour Frame inside it next to the Power Armour Station. The shed door is locked which you can open by picking the lock or getting the key that opens it.

The key is pretty easy to find as one of the families of Aaronholdt Farm holds it and his body is nearby.

If you cross over the field towards the hills on the north side you should see an open awning that is surrounded by bee swarms and a hive. In there is a bathtub and you can find the body you need inside it and on his body will be the key you need to the shed.

Fight the bees, destroy the hive and get the key then head back to the Shed to claim the suit of Power Armour, if someone else has not beat you to it.

Morgantown Warehouse

The first town you are likely to come across because of the quest Final Departure you will want to stop at the abandoned building which inside you can find a set of Power Armour. You might also come into contact with a couple of Protectron on your journey but will depend on your instance.

The Power Armour is hidden in the corner of the room so can be easily missed if you head straight in from the front door. Head into the other part of the warehouse going straight and you might need to remove some of the pieces of armour if you are not the right level.

Clarksburg Shooting Club

Another town which has a set of power armour is Clarksburg, which you can get to if you head north-east of Grafton or directly north from Morgantown Airport. The set of armour is near the Clarksburg Shooting Range in another building just down the road from it.

If you head from the shooting range to the location roughly on the map above you should come across a big red building which has “Small Engine Repair” on the side.

If you head around the back you’ll see some wooden barricades and some stairs which allow you to get onto the roof, follow it upstairs and you can get to the stairs you can see in the photo above that is on the outside of the building.

Be careful though as inside the room where the power armour sits is a level 15 legendary ghoul and another normal ghoul, try and take them out from a distance or like we did sneak up the stairs and throw a couple grenades into the room and it will be over pretty quickly.

Once you have dealt with the enemies the Raider Power Armour and Power Armour Chasis are on the left as you come through the door.  You’ll get three pieces of Raider Power Armour pieces and a half fusion core with it. There’s also a weapons crate on the table and some junk in the red toolbox. Don’t forget to loot the two ghouls as well (remember miles may vary when it comes to monster spawning)

Note: the raider parts are level 15 so if you are not that level yet when you get to this location, take them off and carry them in your inventory you can then claim the suit of armour. If the power armour is not there another player has gotten to it before you so check back again later.

Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant

There have also been reports of players finding a Power Armour Frame in the Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant which is along the river Southwest of The Forest edge and west of Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06. You’ll need to head into the plant and you might need to use a lockpick to gain access to the doors leading into the plant or find the key nearby.

We will update this as we know more.