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How to join The Responders

Fallout 76 Guide

The Responders are the first to help people after the bombs fell and continue to help now that the Vault Dwellers have left Vault 76. They are also a unique faction that was first introduced in Fallout 76.

While the game is a little bit different than the previous Fallout games as all the human NPC’s are no more, players are still able to to take on quests, form allegiances and unlock access to special gear. Here’s how you can join the Responders and continue to help others just like them.

How to join the Responders

These are the first you’ll come across when you leave the vault and you should just be able to follow the starting quests in Flatwoods, which will take you to Morgantown to Charleston.

As you continue down the Responder quest line you’ll be able to get access to special gear and items. The Responders are also the reason why each train station in Appalachia has access to workbenches, vendors and stash crates.


The Responders set up a few different roles within their faction know as the Firebreathers, Flatwood Paramedics and the Morgantown Police. Here are some details on each of them to help you with your progress through the quests given by The Responders.

Fire Breather

This division was specifically set up to deal with the Scorched and the virus that creates them, originally as the name suggests they were firefighters based in the Charleston Fire Department.

Players are able to go through the training regiments during the quest Into the Fire. In the past, only the best candidates were recruited. Potential candidates have to enter a building on fire full of Scorched and sound an alarm at the end which draws the Scorched towards them.

Flatwood Paramedics

Along with the main Responders, the Flatwood Paramedics were at the frontlines providing medical services before the Scorched overrun the town. Completing the main questline in Flatwoods will give the player their cosmetic Paramedic uniform as a reward.

Morgantown Police Department

The police in Morgantown assisted with the defence of Morgantown Airport and protected civilians during the battle with the Scorched. Sadly, the police department was outnumbered and many of them also ended up becoming infected with the Scorched virus themselves which you can see around Morgantown Airport.

Completing the main quest line in Morgantown will give the player the cosmetic Morgantown Police Department uniform as a reward.