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How to join the Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout 76 Guide

Even though there are no human NPCs in Fallout 76 you are still able to join Factions and some feature a welcome return from previous entries in the franchise.

The Brotherhood of Steel is back and in Fallout 76 they tried to help contain the Scorched outbreak in Appalachia and you can take up their quests to prove your worth.

How to join the Brotherhood of Steel

As you wander around the world you’ll come across a few abandoned outposts left by BoS but to join the Brotherhood faction you need to start the right quest.

Abbie’s bunker is located in The Mire.

You need to head to Abbie’s Bunker first which is a hidden shelter in the North-east side of the map located in The Mire. A little warning though, The Mire is not a nice place to take a stroll and you’ll want to be at least level 20+ before heading into this area so you can combat against the monsters without being slaughtered.

To get inside you can hack the Terminal and then once in you are able to locate Abbie’s personal terminal in her room to find out about Fort Defiance which will then start the quest Defiance Has Fallen.

Camp Venture is located in the South of The Mire.

This will point you towards Camp Venture which is on the South Side of the Mire if you have not yet found the location. When you do get there the camp is guarded by the Scorched and accessing the base won’t be easy as you’ll need to find the password/code.

Finding Camp Venture’s Base Code/Password

Access to the command centre of the base is locked down and only high-ranking personnel are allowed access. This means you need to find the Secure Storage Key which you can find by heading into the basement storage of the V.E.S.T building on the lower side of the camp.

To get into the basement however you will need to Quartermaster’s Key which you can get in the bunkhouse lockers, you’ll need to pick the lock to get access.

Once you have the key you can then head to the storage area in the basement of the V.E.S.T building and on note for the password is “securely” located on the desk near a radio. You should also find some other supplies in the basement to be sure to search the area and pick up anything you need.

Accessing Camp Venture Command Centre

When you have the password you can then enter the command centre which has more supplies and more intel but you need to make sure you pick up the Letter to Tommy located on a nearby table which then gives the location of Fort Defiance.

Fort Defiance

Now you have the location of Fort Defiance which is an old mental hospital located at the skirt of Cranberry Bog the entrance to the fort is on the left but before you can explore it, the power needs to be switched on.

You can do this by accessing the top floors of the hospital but high-level enemies are usually in the way to prepare for some hard battles ahead. Tip: it is wise to leave your CAMP nearby in the event you get killed and can respawn close by. It also means you can head back there to regroup and resupply if needed.

On the top floors follow the power lines and defeat the enemies to a circuit breaker, flip the switch and then drop down the floor to the main level.

Read the note that is on the notice board as you enter the main section and it will complete Defiance Had Fallen and start the new quest called Recruitment Blues.

At the other end of the fort, you’ll find another block, an elevator which needs military credentials for the terminal and you need to head to the sleeping quarters and find Squire Evelyn’s Journal – Page 16 to know how to get correct rights. The answer lies by enlisting for a valid military ID and there is an automated boot camp that you can use to enrol.

Camp McClintock

Next stop is travelling to Camp McClintock which is on the southeast side of the Forest where you can enrol in the basic training program with the master Sargent.

This will start the Back to Basic side quest and you need to complete all the courses to get your Soldier’s certificate but you still need to get the official military ID which you can only get that at the DMV in Charleston.

Charleston Capitol Building

Travel to the Capitol Building in Charleston and you need to find the DMV wing which you need to use the terminal in the back and fill out your form and print out a waiting ticket and start the automated service to begin going through the numbers.

This will cause Feral Ghouls to attack and then you’ll need to go through paperwork and access terminals to then get some Junk Mail in a mailbox in the nearby post box outside on the other side of the Capitol Building.

From there you also need to get a different form at the office of the registrar, which is located on the broken section of the Capitol building through a tunnel made by a bus and then get approval by the Governor which means going through the halls of the Capitol Building to the Governor’s Office and find his seal on the table behind the desk at the front.

Finally, head to get your mugshot and you’ll have completed your official approval by the government which means you can head back to Fort Defiance and use the terminal to officially join the Brotherhood of Steel.

Back to Fort Defiance

Now you can go to the elevator and take the top floor into the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Steel which has a cooking station, creating areas and loot. Read the notes and access the information inside the terminals to complete the Recruitment Blues quest.

You can also take on more quests for the Brotherhood, on top of this you’ll gain access to exclusive rewards like outfits and weapons. After completing enough quests for them you can gain some nice gear such as the Ultracite Power Armor.