Fallout 76

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Fallout 76 Guide

Emerging from the Vault you’ll begin a journey through various shanty towns and irradiated wastes with only robots who’ve survived the nukes when they first landed. Of course, there are the dwellers from the same vaults but various Factions have survived and you can join them.

As you go through the main missions and quests some will belong to the factions of the old world and by completing them you should be able to gain access to special armour and outfits that are kin to those members.

Some of the quests are made to help the people of the wasteland, while others are designed for the opposite but you’ll be able to decide which side you want to take and reap the benefits of your decisions.

The Responders

A group formed by former emergency services men and women, The Responders are those wishing to help others in times of crisis after the bombs fell.

While they started to rebuild and teaching survivable skills, their settlements are now in ruin but everything they set up to help survivors are still on-going and instructions for future members is available and missions can be undertaken to continue their legacy to help.

Read how to join the Responders on how you can become a member of this faction.

The Raiders

Unlike the Reposonder, the Raiders are a group of wastelanders who decided to take the opposite approach and take whatever they wanted. Based in the mountains of the Savage Divide they were shunned by the Responders and came together to form the new group under Rose their leader.

She is now the last Raider after all their camps are empty from the bombs who is now looking to rebuild her group.

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The Brotherhood of Steel

Known throughout the Fallout Franchise, a remanent of the US military and founded by Captain Maxson after deserting the Brotherhood of Steel are devoted to recovering and preserving technology from before the bombs dropped to use them and build a better tomorrow.

They are in Appalachia to research the Scorched virus which started in the Cranberry Bog but like the others, only remnants remain of their high-tech bases and Power Armour scattered throughout the land. What’s left of their defences are now easier breaches for the Vault Dwellers who have recently left Vault 76.

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The Enclave

More of the government such as high-ranking military, politicians and scientists The Enclave have existed for a long time before the war and have been in the shadows controlling the US and performing experiments not known to the general population.

Now based in a secret oil rig in the Pacific Ocean many of the US Senate who is apart of the Enclave had hidden in a secret bunker but the AI  MODUS that controlled the bunker had a better idea and now the Vault Dweller can come against this new computerised that who has its own ideas of Enclave’s vision of America.

They are also the ones who have the tools to decrypt Nuclear code fragments so you are able to launch nukes in Fallout 76.

Read how to join the Brotherhood of Steel on how you can become a member of this faction.