Fallout 76

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Cooking Recipes

Fallout 76 Guide

Fallout 76 will give you a start on foods and drinks that you can cook which is a staple for surviving in the world as Bethesda has brought in hunger and thirst levels.

They deplete over time fairly steadily and not overly quick but you do need to keep on top of your character to get your well-fed / well-hydrated bonuses. Cooking food will also mean that you’ll reduce the radiation in the food you eat, plus you’ll be able to gain bonuses from cooked meals with additional effects to help you out in the world.

Much like most of the crafted items like weapons, ammo and food you are given a few basic recipes but will need to get more by finding recipes out in the wilds by finding ingredients like harvesting woods from trees or vegetables from plants. You can also find more complicated meals that you can make in containers, purchase them from merchants or just on tables sometimes in kitchens or near cooking stations. Once you have found them all you need to do is head into your inventory and read it to learn the cooking recipe that can then be used at any cooking station.

Water & Healing Recipes

Recipe NameEffectLearned ByComponents
Boiled WaterHP 10, Thirst +15%, Rads 5DefaultDirty Water x2Wood x1
Purified WaterHP 25, Thirst +25%DefaultDirty Water x1Water Filter x1
Blood PackHP 50, Rads 10Obtain Tick BloodAntiseptic x1Tick Blood x2
Glowing Blood PackHP 40, Rads Resist +75, Rads 10Obtain Blood PackAntiseptic x1Blood Pack x1 Glowing Blood x1
Stimpak: DilutedHP 12%, HP 23%DefaultPurified Water x2Stimpak x1
Healing SalveHP 20%Find RecipeBloodleaf x1Boiled Water x1 Soot Flower x1

Basic Recipes – Finding Ingredients

These cooking recipes can simply be found by finding the correct ingredients.

Recipe NameEffectLearned ByComponents
Awesome Opossum BaconHP 45, LCK 2, Rads 5, Hunger +15%Obtain Opossum MeatOpossum Meat x1Wood x1
Blackberry JuiceHP 10, AP Regen 2, Rads 2, Thirst +15%Obtain BlackberryBoiled Water x1Wild Blackberry x1 Wood x1
Carrot Flower NectarHP 10, PER 1, Rads 5, Thirst +15%Obtain Carrot FlowerBoiled Water x1Carrot Flower x1 Wood x1
Carrot SoupHP 12, PER 2, Rads 5, Thirst +15%, Hunger +10%Obtain CarrotBoiled Water x1Carrot x1 Wood x1
Cat Meat SteakHP 45, AGI 2, Rads 5, Hunger +15%Obtain Cat MeatCat Meat x1,Wood x1
Corn SoupHP 12, AP Regen 3, Rads 5, Thirst +15%, Hunger +10%Obtain CornBoiled Water x1Corn x1 Wood x1
Crispy Squirrel BitsHP 25, AGI 2, Rads 2, Hunger +10%Obtain Squirrel BitsSquirrel Bits x1Wood x1
Firecap SoupHP 10, Energy Resist 25, Rads 5, Thirst +15%, Hunger +10%Obtain FirecapBoiled Water x1Firecap x1 Wood x1
Glowing Fungus SoupHP 12, Rad Resist 20, Rads 5, Thirst +15%, Hunger +10%Obtain Glowing FungusBoiled Water x1Glowing Fungus x1 Wood x1
Grilled RadroachHP 25, END 1, Rads 5, Hunger +10%Obtain Radroach MeatRadroach Meat x1Wood x1
Grilled RadstagHP 60, Carry Weight 20, Rads 10, Hunger +20%Obtain Radstag MeatRadstag Meat x1Wood x1
Mole Rat ChunksHP 25, STR 1, Rads 5, Hunger +10%Obtain Mole Rat MeatMole Rat Meat x1Wood x1
Mutfruit JuiceHP 10, AGI 1, Rads 2, Thirst +15%Obtain MutfruitBoiled Water x1Mutfruit x1 Wood x1
Mutt ChopsHP 45, END 2, Rads 5, Hunger +15%Obtain Mongrel Dog MeatMongrel Dog Meat x1Wood x1
Pumpkin SoupHP 30, PER 2, Rads 5, Thirst +15%, Hunger +10%Obtain PumpkinBoiled Water x1Pumpkin x1 Wood x1
Razorgrain SoupHP 30, Disease Resist 10, Rads 5, Thirst +15%, Hunger +10%Obtain RazorgrainBoiled Water x1Razorgrain x1 Wood x1
Ribeye SteakHP 45, Carry Weight 20, Hunger +15%Flatwoods QuestBrahmin Meat x1Wood x1
Simple Bloodleaf TeaHP 10, Disease Resist 5, Rads 2, Thirst +15%Obtain BloodleafBoiled Water x1Bloodleaf x1 Wood x1
Simple Fern Flower TeaHP 10, STR 1, Rads 2, Thirst +15%Obtain Mutated Fern FlowerBoiled Water x1Mutated Fern Flower x1 Wood x1
Soot Flower Herb PasteHP 12, Rads Resist 20, Rads 5, Thirst +8%, Hunger +15%Obtain Toxic Soot FlowerBoiled Water x1Toxic Soot Flower x1 Wood x1
Starlight Berry CobblerHP 25, END 1, Rads 2, Hunger +10%Obtain Starlight BerriesStarlight Berries x1Wood x1
Tarberry JuiceHP 10, AP 120, Rads 2, Thirst +15%Obtain TarberryBoiled Water x1Tarberry x1 Wood x1
Tato JuiceHP 10, Max AP 10, Rads 2, Thirst +15%Obtain TatoBoiled Water x1Tato x1 Wood x1
Vegetable Medley SoupHP 60, DMG Resist 20, Rads 2, Thirst +15%, Hunger +20%Eat found soupBoiled Water x2Carrot x2 Salt x1 Tato x2 Wood x1

Advanced Cooking Recipes – Finding the Recipe

These more advanced cooking recipes can be found in containers, sold by merchants or just in the open like on tables or near crafting stations.


Cranberry Jam
Iguana SoupHP 60, LCK 3, Rads 2, Thirst +15%, Hunger +20%Boiled Water x2, Silt Bean x2, Spices x1, Squirrel Bits x2, Wood x1
Infused Bloodleaf TeaHP 25, Disease Resist 25, Rads 2, Thirst +25%Boiled Water x2, Bloodleaf x2 Ginseng Root x1, Tato x2, Wood x1
Mud Cookie (From Delbert’s Mud Cookie Recipe)HP 25, AP 180, Rads 5, Hunger +10%Blackwater Brew x1, Mirelurk Egg x1, Razorgrain x2, Wood x1
Silt Bean PureeHP 60, DMG Resist 15, Rads 2, Thirst +15%, Hunger +10%Boiled Water x2, Silt Bean x2, Spices x1, Tato x2, Wood x1
Steeped Aster TeaHP 10, INT 1, Rads 2, Thirst +15%Boiled Water x2, Aster x2, Firecracker Berry x2, Sugar x1, Wood x1
Steeped Thistle TeaHP 25, Rads 2, Thirst +25%Boiled Water x2, Thistle x2, Sugar x1, Wood x1
Sweet Blackberry TeaHP 25, AP 200, Rads 1, Thirst +25%Boiled Water x2, Starlight Berry x2, Sugar x1, Wild Blackberry x2, Wood x1
Sweet Tato Stew
Tasty Radscorpion Egg OmeletteHP 45, Rads 1, Hunger +15%Pepper x2, Radscorpion Egg x2, Tato x2, Wood x1
Tasty Squirrel StewHP 60, Rads 2, Bonus XP 10, Hunger +20%, Thirst +15%Boiled Water x2, Salt x1, Squirrel Bits x2, Tato x2, Wood x1
Radscorpion FilletHP 90, Rads 5, 35 Energy Resist, Food 25%Boiled Water x2, Pepper x2, Radscorpion Egg x2, Radscorpion Meat x2, Wood x1