Fallout 76

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Building Plans & Recipes

Fallout 76 Guide

Fallout 76 will give you some building plans to start off with but to gain more you need to head out into the world and find plans, schematics and take over areas. This guide will explain how you can get more building plans, recipes or schematics depending on what you call them so you can build more using your C.A.M.P.

How to get more building plans in Fallout 76

Public Workshops

Much like Cooking, Weapon Crafting and Armour Crafting, the game will only give you a handful of basic items, to begin with, and it is your job to go out and find more.

For building’s, however, plans are a little harder to come across but one of the easiest ways to get a bulk load of plans is to take over and capture Public Workshops.

When you do this, not only will you have a new area to build on, securing one will give you access to a load of new plans that you can use.

Out in the world

Easy enough, but as you explore the game be sure to look on tables, near workbenches and other areas like it. Bethesda has a tendency to add plans near their relevant craftable area but sometimes they are not always directly linked. Here’s some of the main ways to find building plans other than through the workshops:

  • Looting enemies – special enemies seem to have a higher chance (not confirmed though)
  • Inside containers – all containers are an instance, so the same container for you and a friend could be different.
  • Completing quests – some of the main questlines will usually give you a plan of some kind
  • In the world – those sitting on tables or shelves.

When looking in the world check places like:

  • Lockers – we’ve found plans like Nuka Cola Quantum grenades, Tinker workshop plans and more.
  • Shelves – ones in factories and plants
  • Workbenches – Tinker station, Armour station etc
  • Boxes – ones which are not instanced i.e have a hole in them and crates.

Bethesda likes to be sneaky and hide some good items including Bobbleheads and Magazines off the beaten track. Usually, you’ll find some good loot in places you would not expect, so explore those places you think are dead ends.

Found plans in another place? Let us know and we will add it to the list to help others.

I Can’t See A Recipe/Plan in the Crafting Menu?

If you have picked up a recipe from on the places we mentioned above and went into the crafting or building menu but can not see that item, there is a simple reason why. Characters pick up recipes and plans but they head into your inventory as you don’t automatically learn them.

When you pick up recipes/plans they are in your inventory first!

To be able to use them, you need to go into your Pip-Boy and head to the Notes and then you should see the list of recipes, the start with Recipe: / Plan: and then the actual name of the actual plan or recipe.

Select the one you want to “learn” and read it to consume the item and head back to whatever crafting menu you were in and see if it is now then.

The main reason you do not learn them on collection is that you can trade them to other players (by dropping them on the ground). This is useful when you are in teams and you could potentially pick up duplicated recipes you already know and can then give them to a friend.

Editor Note: we mentioned you could sell plans to vendors/merchants but this was has been pointed as incorrect and the guide has been updated. Hours in the irradiated wasteland clearly has an affect on one’s memory…but we will check again and update the guide accordingly.  If you have tried, do let us know!