Fallout 76

  • PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One


Fallout 76 Guide

Fallout 76 has a number of different challenges that you can complete for Atom with is paid currency in the game. By completing these different tasks while you adventure you can use Atoms to unlock cosmetic items from Bethesda’s in-game store without having to spend any real-world money.

Below is a list of the different challenges you can complete, some are daily, while others are weekly and some are for the first time.

Daily Challenges

Claim an Owned Workshop40 Atoms
Consume 10 Raw Meat20 Atoms
Scrap a Human Skull20 Atoms
Take a Photo while only wearing a Hat20 Atoms
Level Up!10 Atoms

Weekly Challenges

Complete 10 Events or Quests while in a Group40 Atoms
Gather 5 Building Supplies40 Atoms
Scrap or Craft 50 Clothing, Armor, or Weapons40 Atoms
Take 10 Photos at Workshop40 Atoms

Character Challenges

Collect 10 Caps20 Atoms
Collect 50 Caps20 Atoms
Collect 76 Caps50 Atoms
Collect 100 Caps50 Atoms
Collect a Bobblehead20 Atoms
Collect a Magazine20 Atoms
Complete 76 Challenges20 Atoms
Explore Appalachia for an Hour20 Atoms
Fully rank up a Perk Card20 Atoms
Reach Level 4!Perk Card Pack

Survival Challenges

Boil Water20 Atoms
Learn a Cooking Recipe20 Atoms
Scavenge for Junk to Scrap20 Atoms
Collect Wild Plants or Fungi20 Atoms
Collect Wood20 Atoms
Cook a Meal20 Atoms

Combat Challenges

Craft a Piece of Armor20 Atoms
Mod a Piece of Armor20 Atoms
Craft or Scrap 76 Pieces of Armor20 Atoms
Scrap 76 Clothes20 Atoms
Craft a Weapon20 Atoms
Mod a Weapon20 Atoms
Mod 76 Weapons20 Atoms
Repair a Piece of Armor or a Weapon20 Atoms
Craft or Scrap a Melee Weapon20 Atoms
Craft or Scrap 76 Melee Weapons20 Atoms
Craft or Scrap a Ranged Weapon20 Atoms
Craft or Scrap 76 Ranged Weapons20 Atoms
Craft some Ammo20 Atoms
Craft 76 Grenades20 Atoms

Social Challenges

Build a Furnishing in a Workshop or C.A.M.P.20 Atoms
Claim a Workshop20 Atoms
Complete an Event while in a Group20 Atoms
Make a Friend20 Atoms
Join a Group20 Atoms
Revive an Ally20 Atoms
Take a Photo for your Vault 76 ID Badge20 Atoms
Take a Photo of Appalachia20 Atoms

World Challenges

Emerge from Vault 7620 Atoms
Find 8 Holotape Games20 Atoms
Find 8 of the Overseer’s Holotapes100 Atoms
Find 6 of the Overseer’s Personal Journal Holotapes50 Atoms
Find 10 of the Survivor Stories Holotapes20 Atoms
Hack a Terminal20 Atoms
Pick a Lock20 Atoms