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How To Start The Nuka World DLC

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Nuka World is Fallout 4’s final expansion but it can be quite confusing on how you can get the quest started. For those that have purchased and downloaded the DLC for Nuka World and want to get into the theme park as quickly as possible can use this guide which will explain step by step how you can enter Nuka World.

Check that Nuka World has been downloaded

It might seem the obvious answer but if you have Nuka World as part of the Season Pass it does not download automatically in some cases. Step one, check to make sure it is installed and if not, then head to the relevant store download it and install it.

You can then head to the Add-On section in the Fallout 4 menu to confirm it has been installed.

How to find Nuka World in Fallout 4

Once installed, you can head into the game and look for a quest called “All Aboard” in your quest log. This will ask players to tune into a specific radio frequency where you will be pointed in the direction of the Metro station that will take you to Nuka World.

Note: Players need to be level 30 or above if you are not then you’ll not be able to progress using the guide. You can still travel to Nuka World without the guide but it is likely that you’ll be outgunned and out-levelled.

If you have any problems getting the All Aboard quest then get to at least level 30 and advance the main story quest a bit further.

Nuka World Metro Station

Once you are at the Metro station, you should face some Raiders before being able to jump aboard and will be taken to Nuka World.

That it! Once the game has finished loading you should be in Nuka World and can start your adventure around the theme park.