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How to increase carry weight in Fallout 4

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There’s a lot of junk, Stimpaks and weapons to carry while you explore the wastelands of Fallout 4. This guide will help you understand the different ways you can increase your overall carry weight with both permanent and temporary methods.

When it comes to stuff Fallout 4 is the king of junk and something you need to repair weapons, build your settlements and do pretty much anything but you can quite easily become overencumbered which slows your player down to a crawl until you shift that extra baggage.

So you don’t need to lose all the weight or drop that nice minigun you’ve been carrying here are some of the ways you can increase your carry weight in Fallout 4.

Permanent Carry Weight Tips

Here are some of the ways you can permanently increase your carry weight.

Strength S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute

The easiest way to increase the overall weight you can carry is to increase the base S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute, Strength.

Strength is the key to your melee prowess and how strong your back it to lug around all the stuff you find in the wasteland. It can sometimes be hard to justify dumping a lot of points into Strength if your character does not focus on melee just for the carry weight but as you progress and weapons get better, usually they get heavier.

If you are finding yourself more times than not having to reduce what you are carrying or heading to your personal stash of items, then it is probably time to invest in that perk.

Tip: remember that collecting bobbleheads is a way to level up your stats permanently without using a S.P.E.C.I.A.L point. Never fully max out as you’ll not be able to use a bobblehead once you find one.

Strong Back Perk

Another way to increase the max carry weight of your character to is to invest in the perk known as Strong Back.

This perk is one you can unlock when your character has at least 6 points in Strength and you are able to increase the rank of this perk 5 times which gain various benefits not just relating to the amount you can carry. Here’s the list for each rank:

  • Rank 1: Increase Carry Weight +25
  • Rank 2: Increase Carry Weight +50
  • Rank 3: When overencumbered you can use Action Points to run
  • Rank 4: In normal mode, when overencumbered you can fast travel. When in Survival mode you will not be injured.
  • Rank 5: When overencumbered running will cost 50% fewer Action Points to move. (Far Harbour)

Temporary Carry Weight Tips

Use Power Armour

Power Armour is not only your best defence in the wasteland against Deathclaws and Radscorpions but provides you with a way to jump from massive heights without damage, plus the hydraulics help when you need to carry more than usual.

Using Power Armour greatly increases your carry weight and can be useful when you are in a building and want to scavenge everything in sight before heading back to base.

Remember: Power armour needs Power Cores which will drain as you use the armour so if you tend to go out with your suit of power on, stock up on cores.

Choose your base armour

Your base armour can be quite heavy so choosing the right armour for your character is important. When in the early game you should stick to leather armour and stuff that adds additional strength if you want to increased weight while also having some protection.

In later stages of the game you can also look to adds Pockets to the armour which increases the amount you can carry, as you have five pieces of armour which you can mod, it can increase the amount you carry by a significant amount. Use this armour though when you are specifically scavenging as you’ll lose the benefit other mods can have when in combat etc

Have a companion with you

Companions not only help you in battle but are also Pack Mules that you can trade with to offload some of your inventory onto them. As companions don’t die as they did in Fallout 3 you do not have to worry what you give them as you’ll always be able to revive them if they die in combat.

This means that when you are not using your Fatman or Missle Launcher, Dogmeat will quite happily hold it for you until you are ready to set off a nuke in a hoard of Super Mutants.

If you like to travel alone, the Lone Wanderer Perk makes your player stronger and gives you an extra 50 carry weight. This perk also works when you have Dogmeat as a companion for now.

Cook some Gazelle

If you have the Nuka World DLC then you can find Gazelles in and around the Nuka World theme park, these little guys are able to produce Gazelle steak when you cook their Gazelle meat and the bonus to eating steak are 60 hitpoints and +25 carry weight.

When you find the science station on Nuka World at the end of Gatorclaw quest, you are able to clone an animal which you can make it replicate Gazelles and have an unlimited supply of Gazelle meat to make the steaks from.


If you have any tips on how to improve the amount you can carry in Fallout 4, be sure to let us know in the comments and we can look to add it to this wiki guide.