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How to join the Clerics Faction

Elex Guide

If you are into high-tech weaponry and want to use something similar to magic but closer to psychic powers then the Clerics are the faction you probably want to join. Joining the Clerics faction though is not always as obvious as you might expect, so we’ve put together a guide on how to start the quest to become one.

To start your quest on becoming an Acolyte the first level of Clerics then you need to follow the High-tech Allies, this will take you to meet Reinhold .

Important Note: By starting the quests for the Clerics will cancel any other faction quests you have for the Outlaws or Berserkers. You can only be a member of one faction for one time.

To start the quest you need to first speak to Reinhold who you will find in the Cathedral in The Hort. He will give you the quest Subversive Elements that sends you to track down someone who has been trading Elex. On top of completing the quest from Reinhold you will also need to finish side quests which are given out by other Clerics. Be on the lookout for the other big quests which are given by Martha and Hagen.

How to check the progress of joining the Cleric faction.

If you want to see how you are doing you can head back to Reinhold and check your approval level based on how well you have completed the quests you have been assigned. Once you have completed enough you’ll get one of three responses:

  • You’ve done enough and have been mostly positive meaning you will be allowed to join the Clerics.
  • You have not completed enough quests and earned approval from other members, he will tell you to gain more and come back again later.
  • You have completed enough but you have made some bad decisions which has affected the Clerics poorly. He will deny entry to joining the faction.

When you join you’ll gain 3000xp and 500 Elexit for completing Subversive Elements and  2700XP for reaching the lowest rank Acolyte. For this you’ll gain the Acolyte Armour, PSI Amplifier and 1 Cleric ability point which gives you access to the Cleric only skill tree. You can also start to work on the next promotion for the Clerics and raise to the Legate rank.

Weapon and other vendors will also have new items you can purchase across the different Cleric cities.