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How to join the Berserkers faction

Elex Guide

If you are into magic and medieval weaponry then the Berserkers are the faction you probably want to join. Join the Beserkers faction though is not always as obvious as you might expect.

To start your quest on becoming a Cultivator the first level of Berserkers then you need to follow the Allies from the Middle Ages, this will take you to meet Ragnar.

Important Note: By starting the quests for the Berserkers will cancel any other faction quests you have for the Outlaws or Clerics. You can only be a member of one faction for one time.

You’ll find the leader of the Berserkers, Ragnar in the Hotel Ruins of Goliet in Goliet. The quest he gives you called Departure for Foreign Lands is the most important where you will need to visit the other major cities in the game which will take you to the other faction cities in Magadan.  While you are there, if you fully speak to Ragnar then he will also give you other side quests.

As you continue completing the various quests, you can ask your progress to see how far away you are until you can become a member. Here are the three different responses you will get.

  • You’ve done enough quests and helped them in which Ragnar will welcome you into the faction as a Cultivator, the lowest level.
  • You have not done enough yet and will need to keep on going.
  • You’ve done enough but in some of the quests you have made some decisions that were hurtful to the Berserkers and he will not welcome you and forbid anyone trading with you.
    • If you get this, there is a way to resolve the matter.

Can’t join the Berserkers? Here’s how you fix it.

If you have been denied from joining then you can ask for forgiveness and be offered once more chance to gain his trust and join the faction. By doing so this will start the quest, Making Things Right. 

The main goal of this quest is to get three positive recommendations from high-level Beserkers.

  • Ragnar will need you to pay him 2000 Elexit, giving you 100XP.
  • Cormag will agree with you without anything, giving you 100XP.
  • Angrim will help you if you promise to return the favour later down the line. This will happen when he looks to become a warrior. You’ll also get 100XP.

When you have successfully joined, you will be given 2700XP and be given the Cultivator Armour, 1 Berserker skill point and a Magical Fist (choose from fire, ice or poison). You can also learn further skills for Cormag later on.

Now that you are a Berserker shops in Goliet will offer new items and you can progress on how to become a warrior.