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Choosing a Faction

Elex Guide

Which Faction Should I Choose?

Choosing the correct faction for the type of adventure you want by developing the character to suit your needs is important. Each faction in Elex has unique features, skills and story depending on which one you will choose. When you have made your decision, once you become a member of a particular faction you won’t be able to start the quest for the others.

The Berserkers

Beserkers are those who are in tune with the world and use mana to cast spells, they have perfected the way of using magic and have the ability to summon spirits to help them fight, heal their own wounds and enchant their weapons. Being a berserker also gains extra skills in weapons such as swords, bows, axes and hammers. For example, being able to fire multiple arrows at the same time.

Choose the Beserkers if:

  • In MMOs, you play as Paladins, Warriors or other sword based classes.
  • Like to get up close and personal with your enemies.
  • Want to be able to use magic and a sword.

The Clerics

Clerics are an advanced faction that likes to use the technology and ranged energy and plasma weapons. They have PSI abilities which are similar to magic but closer to mind powers than magic. This means you will be able to teleport short distances, create holograms for diversions and use power waves.

Choose the Clerics if:

  • In MMOs, you play as a ranger or long distance classes without magic.
  • Like to stay at a distance from your enemy
  • Want to be able to use a range of different futuristic guns.

The Outlaws

The Outlaws like the Clerics are adept in guns and mainly use rifles which shoot regular bullets not the plasma kind. They have found to further advancements by crafting being able to use workbenches to create and dismantle weapons, ammo and stimulants that give you special bonuses.

Choose the Outlaws if:

  • In MMOs, you play as a Thief, Gunslinger or other gunpowder-based classes.
  • Like to stay at a distance from your enemy.
  • Want to be able to use a range of guns and craft your own gear.
  • Not a fan of magic or spells.