Cyber Sleuth – Prologue: Welcome to EDEN

    Cyber Sleuth – Prologue: Welcome to EDEN

    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Guide

    Time To Choose Wisely

    After choosing to start a new game, you will be asked to select the gender of your player avatar as well as your name. Following a set of cut scenes with your online contacts, you will be transported to EDEN Entrance.

    Start a conversation with the Intellectual Businessman who is standing on the left-hand side of the area, then follow up by talking with the Creepy Hacker by the staircase.

    Cyber Sleuth

    When you are back in control, you can go up three staircases to find a Gummymon Medal lying on the ground.  Next, start a chat with the nearby Male Student and watch the cut scene that follows it.

    It will be now possible to leave the area via the teleporter. To progress the story, you need to travel to EDEN.

    Log In To The Community

    When you have successfully accessed the EDEN network, you will be able to choose a location within it. Choose the EDEN Community Area and you will view a short sequence that will give you a Keyword which will allow you to access new conversations from NPC’s with locked padlocks.

    The first Keyword of the game is named “Galacta Park, Kowloon”.

    Travel to the right-hand side of the community area to find an Upamon Medal. Go down a nearby staircase to find a Minomon Medal, and then talk to the Apathetic Businessman NPC with a padlock over his head. By using the Keyword you obtained earlier, you will be able to learn new information.

    Next, you will need to travel back to EDEN Entrance.

    When you arrive, speak with the Creepy Hacker you encountered earlier to receive a Kowloon URL.

    Cyber Sleuth

    This will unlock the first area of the game where you will be able to fight with a Digimon partner. Use the teleporter to warp into EDEN, and then choose Kowloon to access this new location.

    Welcome To Kowloon

    After a group of cutscenes, you will gain new party members in the form of Arata Sanada and Nokia Shiramine, as well as the Digimon Capture program to assist you during battle. After gaining the ability to save your game, go forward to reach the next location.

    Following another cutscene, go to the east, then continue forward to reach the place where you gain your first Digimon from three possible candidates.

    • Terriermon
    • Palmon
    • Hagurumon
    Cyber Sleuth

    After making your decision and confirming it, you will gain your chosen Digimon as your first partner. Following a group of story scenes, you will need to travel back to the area where you got your partner Digimon.

    Walk to the left to find a treasure chest with three HP Capsule C inside it. Return back to the fork in the path, and go forward to activate a cut scene, followed by your first fight alongside a guy named Yuugo who has an ally named Machinedramon.

    Boss Fight 1 – Kurisarimon

    Cyber Sleuth

    Experience Gained – 116 EXP

    Items That Can Be Obtained – ATK Restraint Chip C, Kurisarimon Medal

    After your victory and another set of cutscenes, travel downwards to return back to the previous location. After the story event that follows, it is now possible to encounter random Digimon to battle inside Kowloon and other dungeon areas.

    Go east, and then go north to reach a familiar location. Go left and open the two chests to receive an Escape Gate and two HP Capsule C items. Head forwards until you reach the next area.

    An Unknown Enemy Appears

    Another set of cutscenes will ensue upon your arrival in this location, followed by a boss fight that is impossible to win.

    Boss Fight 2 – Eater

    Cyber Sleuth

    Experience Gained – None

    Items That Can Be Obtained – None

    Upon your defeat, several cutscenes will play out. When you are given the option to make a decision, pick every choice that it made available to you. After some more story events, the prologue will reach its conclusion.