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Crash Bandicoot Coloured Gem Location Guide

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Guide

As well as the Clear Gems that will be collected along your journey to defeat Dr. Cortex in the original Crash Bandicoot, you will also need to recover magical gemstones known as the Coloured Gems. They are six of them in total and can be collected by breaking all the boxes in the level where the gem resides.

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

Unlike the other games in the trilogy, you will need to complete this task without losing a single life. If the area in question includes a Tawna or N. Brio bonus round, failing it will not count towards your death total.

Here are all the locations for each of the coloured gems you can find in Crash Bandicoot as part of the Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy. This guide also works for the PS1 version of the first game in the trilogy, in case you decide to replay the original game.

Gem ColourLocation In Game
Green GemThe Lost City / Hog Wild (If playing the original Japanese PlayStation version.)
Blue GemToxic Waste
Yellow GemThe Lab
Orange GemGenerator Room
Purple GemLights Out
Red GemSlippery Climb / The Lost City (If playing the original Japanese PlayStation version.)