Black Clover: Quartet Knights

  • PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • PlayStation 4

Character / Roster Details

Black Clover: Quartet Knights Guide

Black Clover: Project Knights have a range of playable characters with some details will be announced by Namco Bandai. Below is a list of current know characters that are confirmed within the game.


Asta is the main protagonist in the show as well as BC Project. A melee fighter known to have no actual mana so cannot use any magic, regardless, he is still able to put up a decent fight by wall running and the ability to nullify all magic.


Yuno the other main character in the show who grew up with Asta is a range based character who deals in Wind-based magic, for high mobility and long-range spells. Unlike Asta who has no mana, Yuno is a prodigy who has a rare 4 leaf clover Grimore.


A character that specialises in range attacked, he performs a high rate, long distance shot with the ability to teleport using a mirror.


 Noelle who is also apart of the Black Bulls along with Asta, is a support character who specialises in water-based defence magic. She is able to protect her teammates with support spells.


Unlike Noelle, is a defence support character Mimosa is a healing based support character which has close quarters or ranged based healing magic as well as detection magic.

Be sure to check back as more characters are revealed the character information here will be updated.