Interesting Details About Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy

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New details have come to light about the next Final Fantasy game from the Japanese Magazine, Famitsu, and they are EXCITING! Here is all the current information so far:

• Lightning’s new costume is designed by Tetsuya Nomura.
• You’ll be able to change Lightning’s costume and costume colour during the game.
• Time is always flowing, except for when your menu is open on the field.
• Every NPC’s whereabouts and actions will constantly change.
• Certain information can only be obtained at specific times.
• Lightning is the only playable character.
• Lightning uses “Styles” in battle. Each Style consists of a certain weapon, shield, accessories, and abilities.
• You can customize Lightning’s appearance and ability considerably.
• By defeating monsters, Lightning can earn points to increase her available time, and items to strengthen her equipment.
• The battle system name has not yet been determined. Right now, they’re calling it the “Amazing ATB” battle system. It looks quite good so far.
• Though you’re only controlling one character, it feels as if you’re fighting with multiple, according to the magazine.
• Monsters appear even in the city.
• Black haze will appear in specific areas at certain times. The new area will become monster territory.
• Half of the game’s monsters are new.
• Battles are invoked when a corresponding button is pressed. Battles this way have you watch the ATB bar.
• There are a limited number of items you can carry.
• By setting abilities, the battles are more action based rather than command based.
• The game’s conclusion can be experienced straight from the package. (No download content will need to be purchased, unlike Final Fantasy XIII-2.)
• Kitase guarantees you’ll be satisfied by the outcome of previous games’ characters’ stories.
• You can move around between continents by foot or faster by monorail. It’s called “open world” connection.
• Judging by the current outlook, the world is really vast
• The first thing Square thought of was the map function, but now the numbers are regulated.
• Square looks forward to seeing how each continent is manufactured and connected.
• It seems there is still more to come.
• In this title, one day is 24 hours. In Final Fantasy XIII it was 26 hours, but when time stopped 2 hours were lost.
• What happens when the gate closes due to the time but you’re in a fight with a strong enemy, does it close after the battle? Does time pass during battle? We don’t know yet.
• If you’re doing your best, you can stretch the time limit past 13 days and increase time, but how you do it is a secret.
• The game’s test players cleared it in 2 to 4 days.
• Depending on how you do it, the deferment is quite different.
• The ending doesn’t differ too much depending on the time it takes you, but there are a lot of things in the playthrough you can’t experience within the time limit. Those variations are what players can look forward to.

What do you think of some of these details? Does the game sound good? Or not? Let us know in the comments below!