All about Little Witch Academia: Chamber Of Time
Happy Birthdays
Battlefield V
DICE Teams up with Nvidia for Battlefield V
DICE have finally unveiled the first gameplay for Battlefield V (5) with more and more detail coming in the coming days. Some of the additional news is the partnership between...
Battlefield 5
Battlefield V Deluxe Edition
TerraTech is Free for a Week on Steam & 40% Cheaper
In celebration of their multiplayer beta release to all players the creators of TerraTech, Payload Studios will be available for free to the week.Starting from 6pm on Tuesday 22nd May...
Sword Art Online VR: Lovely Honey Days
Black Clover: Fantasy Knights
Shining Resonance Refrain
Go Vacation
Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep
Dell XPS 27 Inch 7760 All In One Review
The Dell XPS 27 is the latest All in One from Dell but with a newer processor, AMD’s latest graphics card and a whole host of other features including...
Even More Humble Bundle Goodness
Greetings bargain buyers and charity champions. We are back again with even more news from the fabulous fellows at Humble Bundle. Ranging from web development to oodles of discounts...
Little Witch Academia
Little Witch Academia Chamber Of Time English Intro Trailer Released By Bandai Namco
The long awaited video game adaption of the Studio Trigger anime Little Witch Academia has almost arrived on western shores. To get us ready for the occasion, Bandai Namco...
Little Witch Academia
Little Witch Academia: Chamber Of Time Opening Movie Revealed
With just over seven weeks to go until we can join Akko and her friends in Little Witch Academia: Chamber Of Time, Bandai Namco have released the official opening...