Attention duelists! The KC Cup on Yu-Gi-Oh Duel links has drawn to a close and I managed to get a fair few games in and as it turns out, do rather well. Topping out at 10237DP and rank 347 at my prime, I eventually ended up with a humble 9686DP which placed me at rank 1445 in the 10-star bracket as the event ended (Note this was in the Europe/Middle East/Africa regions).

I’ve played Yu-Gi-Oh for long time and have a fairly good grasp of the game, so it was great to play in an event which had a high skill ceiling. Thanks to this difficulty, it forced a lot of players to innervate with their decks and card choices which meant at higher levels more varieties of deck were present. Even decks which had the same themes, such as Gravekeepers and Relinquished decks, started to use cards that you wouldn’t normally see to try and get ahead of the meta which was awesome.

My experience was perhaps a little different however from the average player due to my deck choice; for the entire event, I used the Weevil Parasite Control deck. Hold on hold on! Before you click off the page in disgust let me explain myself. I enjoy playing games in manners outside the norm and the Parasite deck does just that. For some reason, a lot of players have cultivated a hatred for the deck, citing that it is annoying to play against and easy to play. I believe this to be false; control decks are supposed to deny plays and make games last longer which this deck does. Also, the deck requires perhaps the most skill to play out of any deck currently in the game. Knowing when to play cards, when to push for damage and when to lockdown players is not as simple as just tribute summoning Gravekeepers Oracle. That’s the gameplay I enjoy, the stuff that makes me think.

With that out of the way, these are the versions of the deck I went through during the event summarised into 3 different iterations: