2016 has been a good year for me and games. While at points 2016 has lacked for quality, it certainly made up for it in quantity. Both AAA and indie devs threw everything at the wall to see what stuck. We’ve also had unconventional release patterns, sleeper hits, and a few early access gems finally coming out in full. It’s been an interesting ride. I haven’t had time to play everything, but you may find something interesting in my list of 2016 Games of the Year(TM), presented in no particular order.

DOOM (Win, PS4, Xbox One)

Darkest Dungeon (Win, PS4, Mac)

Stardew Valley (Win, PS4, Xbox One)

Inside (Win, PS4, Xbox One)

Furi (Win, PS4, Xbox One)

Firewatch (Win, PS4, Xbox One, Mac)

Superhot (Win, Xbox One, Mac)

Hitman (Win, PS4, Xbox One)

Dishonored 2 (Win, PS4, Xbox One)