Welcome back tabletop gamers. Have you wondered how you would cope in a post-cataclysmic world where humanity is on the brink of annihilation from otherworldly threats? Well, stay a while as we interview the team at Raven Tales Entertainment and their upcoming board game Wardens: A Cosmicist Odyssey.

What is Wardens The Board Game?

First things first, what is Warden: A Cosmicist Odyssey? It is a cooperative board game set in a Lovecraft-Steampunk hybrid universe. Designed for 1-4 players, this adventure pits the Wardens, humanity’s last hope, against the legions of Cthulhu. Players must carefully travel the world in search of powerful artefacts that will aid in the battle against the forces of madness whilst not submitting to madness themselves

There is a wonderfully immersive and detailed lore surrounding the game. On the official website, it describes the existence of a powerful bloodline called the Naacal and the elders that bring about peace and enlightenment to earth. These psionic elders accidently damaged the barrier into the dimensions that housed The Great Old One and set in motion the impending destruction of mankind. But, not before establishing The Brotherhood to steer humanity in the right direction and hopefully one of survival.

As for more on the game mechanics, each Warden has its own characteristics, abilities, and strategies. As the game incorporates battle with land, sea, and air, you can expect to execute tactics for the betterment of humanity across all forms. These battles with the chaos spawn are diceless and utilize unique mind-reading mini games. These mini games use a rock-paper-scissors mechanic to decide the winner. Using all of this, and by upgrading your armies, you aim to take control of territories with the goal in finding artefacts to drive the forces of chaos from this plane of existance.

The Interview with Kate Tessier and Sam Turner

Closing Thoughts