So you have either just started the game up, been playing for a good while or you’re ready to start a new character. Well in this handy guide we hope to give to you all the help you need to survive this newly discovered wasteland of the Commonwealth. In part one we will be covering the basics such as your character’s starting stats, essential early game perks, certain locations and items of interest.

Your Character & S.P.E.C.I.A.L Stats

Thanks to the updated character creation options, you can literally make your man or woman the most gorgeous, ugly or even a famous lookalike survivor in the Commonwealth.

Once this is over and done with and you start exploring your suburban home, you will get to interact with the Vault-Tech representative however you please. At some point during this conversation you will be able to name your character as well as choose his/her S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. Now these are the fundamental statistics that will really govern your character’s skillset, at least early on. Now it is key to note here that you can use the twenty one points to your heart’s content, there is no definitive way of starting out your character. With that said however, here is a good build that we believe to be the most ‘balanced’ start for the game as it will give you access to certain perks right off of the bat as well as leave your build open to multiple play styles and weapon preferences. Let’s take a look and deconstruct the build one step at a time.