Nintendo’s cephalopod-themed shooter, Splatoon, has finally landed and we have already been putting in many hours into the game’s multiplayer mode. With it being unlike many shooters out on the market at the moment, we’d thought we’d compile a short guide to have you splatting like the best of them.

Complete Octo Valley, at least up to the 3rd boss

Now, I’m sure many players upon buying Splatoon will want to jump straight into the online mode and get spraying ink but hold off on this instinct just yet. Make sure you do not neglect the game’s short, but incredibly well made single player mode. Not only does it introduce you to some of the maps that you will be fighting across in multiplayer, but beating the various bosses found in this mode will actually unlock weapons for the weapon shop. It shouldn’t take you more than 2 hours to get up to the 3rd boss, who unlocks the Aerosprayer MG upon its defeat. The Aerosprayer is a decent paint gun, with a high fire rate and good range so it is definitely worth unlocking.

Make sure to paint your starting location fully

This seems obvious but you’ll be surprised how many matches start with players just tearing off from their spawn point and not bothering to completely cover their base. You gain easy BP from making sure your spawn point is totally painted in your team’s colour but on maps like Saltspray Rig, the enemy team cannot get into your spawn area and the empty spaces you left at the beginning of the game could be the difference between success and failure.

Look at your minimap!