So now we jump from 45 cards revealed to all of the 135 new Hearthstone cards shown. As you may have expected, we won’t be exploring EVERY new card in this part; here we are going be starting with the less important neutral cards and then moving on to detailing the most interesting and awesome neutral cards in Journey to Un’Goro. As always, make sure you are up to date on how we rank the new cards as you may not understand why they have the ratings they have been given. Without further ado:

Hemet, Jungle Hunter: 2 Star (Combo with the Hunter Quest?! I kid, but even so it’s hard to see how this card will fit in to decks, even in control games)
The Voraxx: 2 Star (Weak considering its Legendary status. Low impact on the board and seems to only be usable in Paladin which most likely wouldn’t want to use it anyway)
Charged Devilsaur: 2 Star (Much more impactful minions should be played on turn 8 and beyond. This card is only slightly good in a control meta, everywhere else it is not useable)
Primordial Drake: 3 Star (The only new Dragon in the whole set is not that bad; high health with taunt and a nice board clear effect means it should see some play but relies on how strong Dragon decks are after rotation)
Tortollan Primalist: 1 Star (Don’t ever play this card. EVER.)
Bright-Eyed Scout: 2 Star (At least whatever you draw you can play on curve? Relies too much on luck to be consistently good)
Emerald Hive Queen: 2 Star (Comparable to Zombie Chow but with a MUCH higher downside. So high in fact that it should not see much, if any play. The Beast tag and fringe uses save it from being rubbish)
Frozen Crusher: 1 Star (Oh look, Blizzard are buffing Purify Priest!)
Servant of Kalimos: 3 Star (Discovering an Elemental is strong but the stats are just a bit below average; will see play in dedicated Elemental decks)
Stonehill Defender: 3 Star (This card is made better thanks to its discover effect but its stats are still a bit too low for my liking)
Devilsaur Egg: 3 Star (Has good combo potential but has just a bit too much health in order to be abused)
Vicious Fledgling: 2 Star (The dream is you get an attack off, Adapt Windfury, attack again and get another buff. Outside of that? Not great)
Humongous Razorleaf: 2 Star (Oh look, Blizzard are buffing Purify Priest!)
Ultrasaur: 2 Star (Generic OK stats filler card)
Giant Mastodon: 2 Star (Generic OK stats filler card)
Sated Threshadon: 2 Star (What is this card? Extremely over costed for a weak Deathrattle at 7 mana)
Stormwatcher: 1 Star (Weak, low impact and has too high of a cost)
Sabretooth Stalker: 2 Star (I can’t find a reason to play this card over Stranglethorn Tiger…can you?)
Nesting Roc: 2 Star (A 4/7 Taunt isn’t that bad for 5 mana but it’s a win-more card which will be one of the first cards to be cut from a deck that you could run it in)
Stegodon: 2 Star (Generic OK stats filler card)
Igneous Elemental: 3 Star (Not a bad card but it is easily replaceable in the Elemental deck)
Pterrordax Hatchling: 2 Star (Weak card; bad on curve and too high mana cost)
Eggnapper: 2 Star (TMNT in the house! Barely an OK card with a sort of good upside? Replaceable in most decks you would want to put it in)
Thunder Lizard: 2 Star (I honestly could not think of a deck that you could put this is where it would excel as it has little synergy with the Elemental deck)
Volatile Elemental: 3 Star (One of the few cards that depending on the changing meta may be a great card. Watch out for this card; if played on curve it can be crippling)
Ravasaur Runt: 2 Star (Just like Nesting Roc, this is like a win more card but with less stats, less impact and harder to play on curve. Better cards exist for 2 drop slot)
Emerald Reaver: 3 Star (An aggressive card which may see play if the meta changes in specific ways but it is unlikely)