It’s only been a few days since we caught up with all the revealed cards for the new Hearthstone expansion, Journey to Un’Goro, but Blizzard have dropped ANOTHER bunch on cards on us and show little signs of stopping. Thanks for making my job even harder guys! Just like before, make sure you are up to speed with how we evaluate these new cards and remember, we’re going over the more important ones for now. Right then, starting with the cards that didn’t quite make the cut:

Living Mana: 2 Star (A unique effect, cool artwork and it’s great to see something like this being added into Hearthstone, but as of right now? It’s hard to see this being used seriously…)
Mana Bind: 3 Star (This is a great secret but unfortunately, the coin exists and that scares me with this card. Will see play even more if the Mage secret deck becomes stronger)
Lost in the Jungle: 3 Star (This card makes me nervous; 1 mana for two Paladin hero powers? It’s an oddly specific effect and could point to more Sliver Hand Recruit support in this set which may boost this card in rank)
Curious Glimmerroot: 2 Star (As funny as this effect is, it’s still just an OK card which may draw you a card)
Mirage Caller: 3 Star (Low stats but a good effect. Not as good in the early game and debatably not as impactful in the late game)
Gluttonous Ooze: 3 Star (Another counter to weapons but will still be just a tech card alternative to the original Ooze)
Volcanosaur: 3 Star (Double Adapt is nice but the random side to this card ruins any specific ways in which it could be used. Beast tag is nice as well. Worth noting that everyone you can get this card in golden if you log into Hearthstone everyday from March 28th onward. Value!)