In the time since Blizzards initial reveal of the latest expansion for Hearthstone, Journey to Un’Goro, we’ve had a few new cards shown off. These cards really start to show the direction that each of the nine classes are headed within this set and it’s quite exciting. After checking these cards out, we have decided to go over the cards we feel are more notable than others using the same system as before, make sure to check those reviews out to get to grips with it. So, getting the initial cards we won’t be talking about in depth out of the way first (with a brief summary):

Shadow Visions: 1 Star (Can’t see a good use for it outside of gimmicks and makes all spells basically cost 2 mana more)
Flame Geyser: 2 Star (OK card but slow, could see more play if the Elemental deck gets big)
Dinosize: 2 Star (Very fringe uses which don’t seem that worth it)
Sherazin, Corpse Flower: 2 Star (Seems underpowered despite its interesting effect, could see play in some variants of Rogue but still doesn’t seem worth it)
Explore Un’Goro: 2 Star (Has the potential to create a different type of Warrior deck but unless we can playtest it, does not sound that good)
Mimic Pod: 2 Star (Technically a worse Arcane Intellect; you have to be lucky and copy a good card for this to be good)
Tol’Vir Warden: 2 Star (Low stats for a 5 drop and adding two 1 mana minions to your hand on turn 6 doesn’t seem that worth it, even with deck thinning in consideration)
Tortollan Shellraiser: 3 Star (Can get much better if Priest gets more Deathrattle cards to play on curve but just OK for now)
Stone Sentinel: 3 Star (A good card but outclassed by other cards in rotation. Could be better in a dedicated Elemental deck)
Primalfin Lookout: 3 Star (My love of Murlocs aside, this is a really good Murloc card which nets you an extra Murloc when played but costs 3 mana, a slot with a LOT of competition in Murloc decks)
Golakka Crawler: 3 Star (It’s Hungry Crab for Pirates, a tech card at best)
Fire Fly: 3 Star (A standard 1 mana Elemental minion that adds a 1/2 minion to your hand, could be amazing in Elemental decks if they become big)
Tol’vir Stoneshaper: 3 Star (A good card but only good in an Elemental deck and on curve, after that it loses out)
Ozruk: 3 Star (Same as before, good card but only in an Elemental deck. Also very weak to hard removal and Silence)
Lakkari Felhound: 3 Star (Overstated but balanced by discarding 2 cards, has synergy with other Warlock cards but is debatable that it will be included in a the versions of Discard Warlock)
Kalimos, Primal Lord: 3 Star (This card is saved since you can choose the effect it uses but, again, being an Elemental card means it should only see a lot of play in an Elemental deck)
Swamp King Dred: 3 Star (Interesting effect but not overpowered. Could make control Hunter a thing but more poisonous cards or hard removal cards could spell this cards demise)