There have been many games that have come out in 2016 and we have had a look at most of what was on offer. Some games have been fantastic, while others have been average but luckily none has been dreadful enough to fall below our scoring of a 5.

It is this time of the year we look back as a team, have some heated debates and write up the one game of the year which we thought really did it for us and why. So without further ramblings, here are the staff of VGU’s games of the year for 2016.

Final Fantasy XV (Rob P)

Overwatch (Kieron D)

Uncharted 4 (Liam G)

Titanfall 2 (Ford J)

Titanfall™ 2_20161025122012

Battlefield 1 (Elliot G)

Dark Souls III (Marc S)