2K along with Gearbox Software revealed their next and most ambition game yet. Battleborn is a first person battle arena that will put multiple factions against one another in a setting similar to MOBAs. The developers are very stern that the game does not represent or play anything like a current age MOBA and takes multiplayer into a new direction. After looking into the game and also watching a very informative video about the what the title is going to be, I thought I would put my own two cents into the equation since I am a huge fan on these style of games. A first person view would require a lot of changes and, judging from what I have read, Gearbox have no intention to make a tower defence style game and instead are opting for a more dynamic experience. My thoughts on what Battleborn could become are in the following video.

What do you think of Battleborn? Are you worried that it is too much like a MOBA for its own good? Let us know what you think down in the comments.