With recent releases such as Destiny and Evolve I cannot help but feel disappointment with how the most hyped up triple A games are being portrayed to us. They promise us the real next-gen experiences with the most content you have ever seen. But what do we get? Most of the time we simply get a slice of the entire picture. Entire games over the last few years are no longer being built for fun and content but are instead being built for profit. Pay near to sixty dollars/pounds and you will still need to pay anything from ten to possibly over a hundred dollars/pounds to unlock everything the game has to offer.

And whilst we pay for these games and see some industries review and critique them and even give them awards and high scores, some of the best titles out there are either much cheaper or completely free. Along with their own DLC practices which are well built and even supply completely free updates and content to the games.

In the following video I speak my mind in full on this matter and delve into just some of my worries with these Triple A games:

So what do you think of Triple A titles? Do you have your own problems with these games or are you not bothered by them at all? Let us know what you think in the comments below.