Evolve is now out and some people are enjoying the game whilst others are not as satisfied. As for me, I refused to purchase the game due to my personal complaints with it’s pre-order and DLC practices. With that said however, I did see promise in the game after playing it other the Beta period and after its initial release. With everything I liked about the game however there seemed to be something missing from the game to add an extra sense of strategy and involvement on the hunter end. In my eyes I did not see Evolve as a complete next-gen experience.

In the following video I discuss some ideas I’ve had that I would have loved to see in the game just to make the hunters more engaged like the monster. Literally how Evolve’s gameplay could Evolve.

What do you think about Evolve and its gameplay? Are you satisfied with the experience or do you think there was definitely room for improvement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.