After posting up a video talking about his Top 10 Controversies of 2014, Angry Joe on YouTube was struck with a copyright strike that caused this to be removed. However, the strike was laid on by Machinima’s Bro Team Pill with no context or explanation what so ever. Joe went to twitter to voice his thoughts towards Bro Team and telling them to remove the strike as all content was under the act of Fair Use.

The video featured an image on google that showed a representation of both sides of the Gamer Gate following. This image includes a version of the Bro Teams logo, but it is covered up with many other logos and faces of other YouTube and Internet personalities. Joe, as well as many followers, are angered by this copyright strike and are still trying to get that video back online. Bro Team Pill has yet to talk about this situation.

Check out the story in full as well as my full opinions on who is in the right in the following video.

So what do you think about this controversy between Angry Joe and Bro Team Pill? Who do you think is in the right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.