Deciding the winner of Best Indie was a tough one, seeing as there has been a fair number of great indies released this year. There’s been the beautiful Ori and the Blind Forest, the addicting Rocket League and the engaging Her Story, to name but a few of the many independent titles vying for your attention this year. With all this competition and argument among writers, the award finally settled on a small little RPG about dating skeletons, being determined and occasionally having a flexing competition with a buff seahorse. The winner is Undertale.

Undertale was one that personally flew under the radar for me for the majority of this year, with my attention being held by indies like Rocket League but as soon as I discovered its existence, it’s a game that I simply could not escape. Every Youtube comments section I seemed to end up at was raving about Undertale, friends kept praising the joys of Undertale and various editorials gushed at how revolutionary Undertale is for changing up the way a RPG configures its battle system. Finally caving and buying said game, I was pleasantly surprised that it lived up to much of the hype that it had been given.