Until Dawn has finally been released to much critical acclaim. The loving tribute to the slasher genre has made a considerable mark on the current gaming landscape, welcoming in a new horde of gamers who typically don’t dip their toes in the often cruel waters of survival horror. Interactive-narrative games have been around for a while, but none have been handled with the same degree of finesse as Until Dawn. Whilst not scary in the traditional sense, the game has a level of tension not often found and to some new players this could be a little off-putting. Couple that with a cast of characters you can get behind, be it to push them to safety or ensure that they fall prey to the man in the clown mask.

We at VGU are here to offer you some neat little tips and tricks to help you make it until sunrise.

1. Always Be Ready for Action

2. Explore Your Surroundings

3. Hold Your Breath

4. Character Relationships Are Very Important

5. Hiding May Not Always Be The Best Option