If you have wanted to take part in an interactive episode of a supernatural fantasy drama such as Buffy, Charmed or Supernatural, you may be interested to play Unavowed, the latest project from Wadjet Eye Games, the creators of the award-winning Blackwell series of adventure games.  While it sticks to the gameplay formula that has been the genres bread and butter, it blends in a lot of welcome changes which long time fans will certainly appreciate.

Unavowed takes place in modern-day New York, and has been confirmed to take place in the same universe as the Blackwell series by Wadjet Eye Games. After being possessed by a malevolent demon, the main character is rescued from their fate by a makeshift exorcism by Eli, a male fire mage and Mandana, a female Jinn who is proficient in the ways of the sword. After learning that a year has passed since being possessed, you are inducted in the Unavowed, a secret society that protects humanity from supernatural threats.

At the beginning of the game, you are given the choice of playing as a male or female protagonist, as well as your career before you became part of Wadjet’s Buffy style ensemble. Whether you trod the boards as an actor, listened to people’s troubles as a bartender or made the world a better place as a police officer, each occupation has a unique origin story that allows you to build your own Unavowed experience. Each occupation also unlocks additional dialogue options, similar to the conversation wheel variants seen in Bioware’s RPG projects. Whereas the Bartender can play the empathy card in times of turmoil, a Cop can be more direct with their questioning, and an Actor can find it easier to play the role of a victim or a villain where appropriate.