MMOs had a great year in 2015, with WildStar doing MMO action combat fairly well, Skyforge adding a greater level of flexibility in specing your character class while Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns added some meaty endgame content and a big new area to one of the most successful new MMOs in recent memory.

In 2015 some great MMOs were released like Wildstar that took action combat to a new level. Skyforge that also came out last year, saw a rise in making classes more flexible by being able to change them for your character at will. Finally, Guild Wars 2 saw its first update since its release with Heart of Thorns which focused on bringing a new area to the game and concentrating on end game users.

2016 sees a new year for MMOs and there are plenty to keep your eye on over the coming months, from both indie and AAA developers so here is a compact list of some MMOs you should definitely look out for in 2016.

Black Desert Online

EverQuest Next

Blade & Soul

Special Mention: Lost Ark