Nuka World is Fallout 4’s sixth and final DLC in the collection that saw players battling with robots, heading to the ends of the earth in Far Harbour and a range of add-ons, such as getting your very own Deathclaw pet to turn on disobedient settlers within your community.

The first tip for Nuka World is how to actually start it. To start Nuka world you will need to have the DLC installed, it may sound obvious but it is not always auto-download (I had this exact problem). From there, you will need to check it is activated in the add-ons menu, and then you should be good to open up the game as normal with Nuka World activated.

Once in the game, head into your PipBoy and select”All Aboard” Quest and you will be prompted to listen to a radio frequency. From there, you will be given co-ordinates to the metro line that will take you straight to Nuka-World, (after you kill some raiders).

Survive The Gauntlet

Kiddie Kingdom: Your Friendly Irradiated Neighbourhood

Galactic Zone and The Curios Case of Star Cores (Plus Murdering Robots)

World of Refreshment: Sit back, relax and be eaten by Mirelurks on steroids.

Safari Adventure: As the name suggests, lots of animals. Well, Gatorclaws.

Dry Rock Gulch: Cause Y'all Always Need Wild West