The Flame in the Flood pits the player against the elements as you lead Scout and her faithful dog Aesop down a harsh river system in post-societal America. It’s a procedurally-generated rogue-like from a new studio called The Molasses Flood, boasting talent from the development teams of  ‘the BioShock Series, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and the Halo series‘.

The art style might be charming and the soundtrack might soothe your very soul, but make no mistake, you are going to die. You’ll die from starvation, dehydration, infection, exhaustion, exposure and good old fashioned being eaten as you attempt to reach safe haven. So take our advice and follow these handy tips if you even want to have a chance of salvation.

Get some tools built

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Listen to Your Pooch

Don’t Cure an Ailment Until the Coast is Clear

Rule #32 – Enjoy the Little Things