Amiibo are used for a wide range of content across Nintendo games. If you’re an Amiibo owner, then chances are there will be some neat stuff in store for you during Super Mario Odyssey. All Amiibo have some sort of functionality in the game, either giving Mario a new costume to wear or assisting in finding the Power Moon collectibles.

Today we’ll be talking about the Amiibo’s functionality in unlocking costumes. These costumes can also be acquired by in-game means, the Amiibo just speed up and simplify the process. After pacifying a kingdom, a small Amiibo pad will be available for interaction near the Odyssey. Simply speak to the Amiibo pad, and follow the on-screen instructions to summon your Amiibo.



Doctor Mario Amiibo

Wario Amiibo

Waluigi Amiibo

Diddy Kong Amiibo

Luigi Amiibo

30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo

Mario Wedding Amiibo

Bowser Wedding Amiibo

Peach Wedding Amiibo

Golden Mario Amiibo