The two main criticisms levelled at the 2015 reboot of the Star Wars Battlefront series was the lack of variety in the multiplayer, and that there was no single player campaign. Well, EA have obviously got their listening hat on, as both of these issues have been soundly addressed. We’ll get to single player shortly, but from a multiplayer perspective, the game has been roughly tripled in size.

That’s three times the locations, three times the heroes and three times the vehicles – and gameplay has been boosted with more modes and the introduction of class-based gameplay too. In the 40-player Galactic Assault mode you can choose to play in Assault, Heavy, Officer and Specialist disciplines, with load-outs and moves to match your preference. Similarly, in the 24-player Starfighter Assault mode – the dog-fighting bit, basically – you can choose from Fighter, Interceptor and Bomber.