Welcome back heroes of the mortal realms. Join us as we take a sneak peak at the latest release from Cubicle 7 for Soulbound, Shadows in the Mist: Blood Tide. We shall cover what you can expect from the narrative and how to prepare for the adventure ahead. So, let’s charge in!

Story Overview and What to Expect

The party presents themselves in the city of Anvilgard, in the realm of fire that is Aqshy. A bastion that beats back the horrors that forever grasps at the necks of those in the city. Whether it be from the treacherous jungles the the North North-West, by coastal assault from the Searing Sea, or from within the cities walls, the curse of danger is all around.

In Shadows in the Mist: Blood Tide the players have access to 6 adventures that can be played separately or as a complete adventure. In these adventures you will fight for the stability of the city from outside and inside the walls. A shadowy organisation called the Blackscale Coil have an increasingly firming grasp on the upper echelons of Anvilgard. Through bribery, coercion, and in some cases blackmail and violence, influence over the governing body called the Conclave is slowly siphoning to the wrong hands. It is up to the Soulbound to route out this corruption as well as face other deadly plots from an even bigger threat.

The 6 adventures sees the party setting sails upon the Searing Sea, cutting through treacherous jungles, racing to find ancient artifacts before the wrong hands do, investigating chemical warfare from inside the walls, pursue the origin and cure of a deadly plague, and defending the city from being consumed from within. Supplements from the previously released Game Master’s Screen and the Cities of Flame boost the experience further in a city struggling on all sides.

How to Prepare

Now that the mountain of duty is presented in front of you, how do you prepare to amount victorious from atop its peak? There are a few character traits that can aid you and your party throughout your adventures in Anvilgard. A talented Idoneth Deepkin Aelf can help tremendously at sea. The manipulation of both water and water dwellers can get you out of a pinch. Miracles of the Ethersea such as Favourable Tides are such tools to keep an eye out for.

For the nature based encounters, the Sylvaneth are a natural choice. Survival skills such as Nature(Mind) and Survival(Mind) in a jungle that wants to kill you is very useful indeed. That as well as keen ears and ears. Perceptive characters with high Awareness(Mind) are invaluable in most cases. Paired with the right talents such as Acute Sense and Observant can help against a TPK.

As for the city intrigue and shadows, you can’t go wrong with guile and silver tongues. The Guile(Mind), Intimidation(Soul), and Intuition(Mind) are great skills for finding or forcing information into your possession. Coupled with the Silver Tongue talent or Diviner of Truth from the aforementioned Idoneth, you will be able to talk or pry your way through a lot of situations that would normally require more forceful means.

First Thoughts

Soulbound Shadows in the Mist: Blood Tide offers so much to sink your teeth into! Each individual module provides oodles of content to enjoy. And as a full adventure can lead the party through multiple layers of plots within plots as the threads of corruptions unravel. An exciting prospect is to run each adventure individually crafting new characters for each. The feeling of leaving your mark on the city of Anvilgard and the progression of narrative is very appealing! Especially when previous choices can influence future events.

And that it your lot! You can find the first part of the Shadows of the Mist campaign on the official Cubicle 7 Entertainment store. Here you will also find the core book and the aforementioned Game Master screen. Let us know what characters you are or are planning to play in the comments below. Stay tuned for more news, reviews, and guides. Until next time, smile and game!